First conversation between iPad and LibO Impress

After fooling around with NSStream configuration, my old good iPad finally talks to my PC over LibO Impress.

With the help from LibreOffice community, I’ve just succeeded in getting my iPad to display slideshow previews sent from my computer.

Here is what it can do for now:

1. Connect to PC with an iP address (given that your PC and iPad are connected to the same WiFi network)

2. Listen for instructions from PC.

3. Automatically switch to a slides preview page where you can have some screenshots of your current slide and the lecturer’s note accompanied with.

Finally, a screenshot to whip your appetite!



Code the summer away!

I’m really excited to learn that my proposal has been selected among one of the 13 libreoffice gsoc projects for 2013.

I will be working on an iOS app which focuses on making a remote control for LibreOffice Impress right on your iOS devices.

Possible features list:

* reliable next/previous slide control,
* easy-to-use pairing mechanism,
* lecturer notes,
* countdown timer,
* blank screen,
* slides preview&selection with gridview thumbnails or cover-flow like scroll-and-press “goto # slide” feature based on user’s preference.

* If the project progresses as expected, I will be investigating into enabling accelerometer-based pointer if I have enough time for debugging and testing basic functionalities.

If you happen to have an iPhone/iPad, and want to follow my progress, you can subscribe to this rss feed as I will be updating my progress here.

And finally, feel free to leave comments of you have any suggestions about this project.