Bonjour! Remote control, said my Mac

After digging around for quite a long time, I’ve finally implemented the auto-discovery service using Apple’s Bonjour Protocol.

This is quite an indispensable feature as users will have to look up the IP address manually which might cause a certain level of confusion for non-geeky users. ^^


So here is what you will get. Once launched, the app will look for available computers providing impressRemote service. Once found, it will populate the list and let users choose from it.

Alternatively, users can always create a new computer entry manually, in case there isn’t one, a brief instruction on what to do will show instead of manual computers (by the way, any other way to call it than “manual computers”? that doesn’t sound quite human understandable…)

It only works on Mac OSX for now (thanks to tml for the guide on how to build something with both ObjC and C++ in it ^^), I will work on the Linux&Windows build tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Bonjour! Remote control, said my Mac

  1. perhaps use ‘Custom connections’ or similar instead of ‘Manual computers’ (and ‘Detected connections’ instead of ‘Visible computers’)?

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