Call of beta-testers for iOS Impress Remote control

Hello all,
I’ve recently ported the iOS remote app to iPad and I think it’s time to start some beta-testing at this stage so that I can identify problems as early as possible. The app has been tested mainly on an iPad1 running iOS5.1.1 and occasionally on an iPad2 running iOS6. All other tests are done on the simulator — That’s why I’m eager to hear from you about your experiences on other physical devices! The app should support all devices running iOS5 and later.
Please join me to make this app better by registering on this form. According to Apple’s policy, I will have to register your devices’ UDID before distributing it to you. You can find instructions on how to obtain the UDID by clicking here
Additional Information and instructions are available in the description in the gdoc. You will be informed once your devices have been added to the list.
Thank you in advance and prepare for all the bugs&crash that you may (and I’m sure you will :-P) encounter. As always, contact me on IRC (siqi) or by email (me AT if any questions/problems.
Happy testing!

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