A slightly flattened version of iOS Impress Remote

+iPad +iOS 5/6

+iPad +iOS 7

+iPhone +iOS 5/6

+iPhone +iOS 7

This is a tentative design style with the aim to mimic the iOS7 feeling on iOS5/6. This assure a relatively unified experience across different versions of the OS.

This also includes various modifications based on Mirek’s helpful advice!

Any suggestions?



8 thoughts on “A slightly flattened version of iOS Impress Remote

  1. Hi, I have a request with your iOS remote work.
    I localize LO and would like to point out that iOS is not localized in as many languages as LO is. However in the spirit of LO I would ask you to consider allowing localization of this app into all LO languages so that there would be a special setting where language of the app could be selected (and not only forced by the iOS UI language).
    Thanks, m.

    • Hello filmsi,

      I’m now working on the multi-language support. However, does it really make sense to support all LibO languages give that iOS already supports pretty much most of the major languages? Implementation wise this would not be a recommended choice for an iOS app … Also, I’m wondering if there would be enough people willing to localize this remote control app…

      Anyway, I need to do some researching regarding if this is acceptable to iOS store. But good point here ^^ Thanks!

      • Well, translation goes through the LO translation system (same for the Android app) and that app as this will in the end be makes a 100 % translation of LO GUI (or it doesn’t). So in the end there will be all po files for all LO languages, there only the question how you can make them available in iOS.
        I know that for smaller nations and languages (like Slovenian) Apple will never translate the GUI. And you can check the list of iOS languages against the list of LO languages to see the difference.
        Anyhow, maybe you could have a discussion with the LO localization chiefs so they can give you some advice or share their thoughts on this.
        The default should be: take the iOS language. But I am talking of a setting that could override that.

        Thanks, m.

    • No, it’s not fully updated yet ^^. I will have to finish multi-language support and release a second version on the testflight, otherwise there might be some stupid bugs here and there.

  2. Man, I loathe iOS 7’s design. (which is not your fault, of course!)

    I wonder if someone at the design team could provide actual icons for the [Clear] and [Pause] buttons, right now they only have that stupidly thin font.

    • Lol, wouldn’t say the opposite, but let’s keep in line with the iOS7 design style.

      Maybe it’s better to go with some icon instead of text? I mean a play button for start/resume, a square for clear and a pause symbol for pause?

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