Timer/Stopwatch design for iPad

iOS Simulator Screen shot Sep 15, 2013 9.50.53 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Sep 15, 2013 9.47.39 PM

As for iPad, users can swipe to their desired timing widget during the presentation.

A latest beta-test version has been uploaded to testflight. As a reminder, if you want to volunteer to beta-test the app, there is the link to go: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XXpZWnPoIZEsyVG9Q-9TuvinjvjtuzeirEFY0WwRrJA/viewform. All your help&feedback are appreciated!



2 thoughts on “Timer/Stopwatch design for iPad

  1. OK, I have an idea how to expand the idea of this remote.
    Usually this would be used to control another device that runs the presentation. But a presentation could be run also from a cloud and the remote could control the web-served presentation. Of course this would require a service/server as a presentation host.
    But this way the remote could control a presentation on a TV (a lot of TV’s have browsers now) – the server would generate a code for the running presentation in that browser and user could link his remote to that presentation instance by entering that code – so one would not need a presentation computer, laptop etc. Just internet and a phone/tablet …
    Probably this does not make sense since presentations are not made in flash (they can be exported into that, yes) …

    • wow, that’s huge! I’m wondering if we can integrate it with Google docs? It seems that “save to the cloud” is another gsoc project of this year. That way we don’t need to work on a separate Web server from scratch

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