Bits – 3 times a week comes true

Back in April, 2014, I was busy working around various activities simultaneously: robotics project, Django development, machine learning course, readings, etc — all in my spare time excluding my 6 hours spent at school on a daily basis.

What I ended up doing is sticking with one project at a time for 3 hours straight, and literally leaving everything else untouched. The result was obvious: no books were read, no courses were followed, no jogging was done and heck! I even couldn’t remember Skype with my parents at least once every two weeks! I wasn’t productive enough, I got wore out by sticking to one task and I’m not motivated to work on other stuffs since I didn’t know which one I should be working on.

That’s when I started Bits, yet another project, but one that might bring an end to all these messy scheduling.

here’s how: 

The idea was simple: you tell Bits you want to read this book three times a week, Skype with your parents twice a month and go jogging two times a week — and Bits get everything scheduled for you.



With simplicity in mind, you don’t need to fill out complicated forms or hesitating between if it’s better to repeat a task every Friday or Monday. You tell Bits what you want, and Bits arrange every bits of your life for you.

Using it on a daily basis, I’ve developed achievement mode, statistics report as well as reward mechanism for your first ‘done’s. The better you manage your tasks, the more powerful Bits get. Bits helps me a lot in managing my time in a healthier way, I hope it does the same for you!


Get it on Google Play


If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, just say ‘hi’ at